Advanced protection
made simple

Sense Defence AI CWAP Platfom offers unparalleled comprehensive protection for applications and data, safeguarding vital Apps, APIs, and Data wherever they are, efficiently and on a large scale, ensuring optimal return on investment

Flexible Deployment Architecture

Our flexible architecture can advance your application security strategy by providing developers, operations, and security teams insight into where and how your web applications and APIs are attacked.

Cloud WAF Architecture

Leveraging Managed Advanced AI for Precise Threat Detection and Blocking with 99.9% Accuracy.

Global Protection

Benefit from a network of defenses updated with global threat intelligence.

Rapid Deployment

Quick onboarding with minimal setup—typically just a DNS change.

Hybrid WAF Architecture

Combine on-premises speed with cloud scalability.

Local Control with Global Insight

Retain control over sensitive data locally while benefiting from global threat intelligence from the cloud.

Seamless Integration

Easy transition between local and cloud defenses as needed.

Dedicated Deployment

A private, isolated network ensures maximum security tailored for your business needs.

Customized Performance

Optimize performance with infrastructure calibrated exclusively for your web applications

Hands-Off Maintenance

 Rely on Sense Defence’s expertise to manage, update, and maintain your dedicated WAF infrastructure seamlessly.

Streamlined Integrations

Unified User Management:

Centralise the administration of user accounts and roles for improved efficiency.

External Webhooks

Incorporate external webhooks for enhanced logging.

Seamless Single Sign-On Integration

Integrate Single Sign-On for a simplified and secure user authentication process.

Efficient Organization Management

Manage your organization’s resources and users effectively with our comprehensive dashboard.

User-Friendly Interface
Navigating with Ease

Our ‘Intuitive Dashboard’ is designed to enhance your user experiences. Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your web security status, allowing you to monitor and manage your protections in real time. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of Sense Defence’s user interface.

Global Acceleration
Enhancing Performance

Sense Defence directs web application traffic via a Global Accelerator Anycast network, utilizing a worldwide network of 109 Points of Presence situated in 92 cities across 50 countries. This strategy boosts network performance for applications by up to 60%

Securing the Future of Your Business

With our AI-powered technology, we provide unparalleled security, ensuring the integrity and availability of your applications while maintaining optimal performance and fully managed service.

Beyond OWASP Top 10 Detection

Sense Defence's managed rules go beyond merely detecting OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, ensuring proactive defense against emerging risks

Rapid Deployment

Sense Defence's platform is engineered for immediate deployment and arrives fully configured. This guarantees value from the very first day.

Automated Web Security

Sense Defence's mission is to deliver an automated web security solution that safeguards businesses from online threats while also promoting cost savings

Reduced False Positives

Utilising advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, Sense Defence substantially minimises false positives, allowing for a concentrated focus on genuine threats.

Advanced Firewall Module

Sense Defence's advanced firewall module enables tailored web request filtering, granting enhanced control over web security and further diminishing false positives.

Free Managed SSL Certificate

Sense Defence offers a complimentary managed SSL certificate for industry-standard encryption, guaranteeing secure data transmission across the web.

Intelligent Traffic Filtering

Sense Defence differentiates between legitimate traffic and malicious bots, ensuring smooth user experience while keeping your applications safe

Defence in Depth

Sense Defence Next Gen WAF offers a layered defence strategy. This multi-tiered approach ensures comprehensive protection against a wide range of threats