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AI Powered WAF for
Native Deployments

Next generation self learning AI powered WAF for Hybrid deployments

Sense Defence AI based Hybrid Web Application​ Firewall that provides the AI based detections and response within the customer environment. WAF engine will be connected directly inside the customer infrastructure and protects the web application from malicious attacks. All WAF actions and rules customisations can be controlled by Sense Defence SaaS dashboard - which is managed by Sense Defence team.

Sense Defence for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments

Enterprise workloads are increasingly complex and often are deployed with infrastructure on-prem and in the cloud, or spanning multiple infrastructure providers. Whether such hybrid architectures are a permanent fixture of an enterprise’s operations or part of a migration plan, security teams have a need to apply consistent security controls regardless of where the application is deployed—even internet-facing applications deployed on premise need to be protected from attacks from the internet.

Detection Coverage

Far beyond OWASP Top Ten, Sense Defence provides coverage over Malicious bots, zero day web attacks, App DDoS, Advanced Rate Limiting and more. Sense Defence's advances architecture provides faster response time while blocking the malicious behaviour.

False Positives

With so many data to analyse, Sense Defence ML WAF and Signature WAF are resolving the issue by employing machine learning to speed up hit processing with less human intervention. 95% of our customers utilise full blocking mode within hours of implementation. No learning period is necessary for Sense Defence WAF.

Native Deployment Options

Sense Defence provides natives deployment options for customers which WAF can be deployed into the on premise or multi cloud infrastructure with option to connect to our SaaS based command center.

Key Reasons Why Customers Choose Sense Defence Over Legacy WAF

Sense Defence

Hybrid Deployments for native deployment options

Enabling full blocking mode in production without learning period 

Lower TCO and no additional fees

Deploys in minutes across legacy and modern applications.

Web Attack Coverage Beyond the OWASP Top 10

Powerful AI engine to detect web attacks, Denial of service attacks and malicious bots

Legacy WAF

Get Started with Sense Defence

You can subscribe to Sense Defence WAF self service plan or contact us to know more about our Enterprise plans.

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