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Redefining the Way 
We Move

We make web applications more secure. Simple as that. We provide unparalleled protection that security, operations, and engineering teams actually want to use.

By securing, delivering, and running applications and websites as close to customers as possible, our robust 'Next-Gen Cloud WAF' product enables organisations and app developers to deliver bespoke services worldwide.

Our Story



We just started with the idea of protecting web application as a simple UI for OWASP mod security. We saw the requirement for more robust web security solution and hence the exciting journey began.



We have launched our self learning proprietary AI engine and powerful signature sets together. We have officially formalised as Sense Defence Ltd and started helping organisations to protect their applications.

Our Values


Developed by professionals. Motivated by standards

Sense Defence is much more than just AI technology. We seek to enhance human lives at the center of our operation, and we have evolved with a conscious focus on honesty, inclusivity, and openness from the start.


Enduring commitment to service

We value privacy and don't monetize end user or customer data -since we cherish our users. Additionally, our team is accessible via a 24/7 dedicated support department to assist along the route.


Where creativity blooms

To enhance websites and apps, we have relocated applications and data closer to consumers – at the network's edge. We're still defining the industry norm and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

The seven pillars that define us.

Every part of our practice is guided by who we are, how we develop, and what we stand for.

  • We act enthusiastically

  • Our business is unbiased

  • We are amazing individuals

  • We are reliable and affordable

  • We are proactive

  • We embrace integrity

  • Our primary goal is the client.


Come on board. Let's move the digital platform together.

To create an enabling web presence, you must have the appropriate individuals around. At Sense Defence, we are constantly training and developing a compassionate, moral, and welcoming team that supports innovative concepts and every wonderful individual.

Sense Defence Ethos

Customer Commitment

Consistently showing support for our clients, that's you! We always put you first while making decisions. Every day, we check to ensure that much of what we do is focused on our customers rather than shareholders or profit models. We believe that putting people first is not only the appropriate course of action but the smart thing to do in general.

Value Inclined

We don't offer anything if it doesn't improve your online experience. Our company places a premium on providing you with both quality and reliability. We are committed to producing the finest products at costs that won't strain your wallet—providing a strong start for projects and businesses of all sizes.

Always honest and straightforward

Our culture is centered on integrity. When dealing with a client or a teammate, we always act honestly, decisively, and with action. Our promotions are always genuine and transparent, and there are never any unwanted upsells. We'll never stop looking for the finest strategies for building on our achievements and understanding our shortcomings.

Dedicated customer support

You'll always have the support of a team that is well-known for being among the most knowledgeable, amiable, and courteous in the industry and regularly receiving high praise. You can get help from real people at any time, day or night, seven days a week. Guess what? That's our promise to you.

Get Started with Sense Defence

You can subscribe to Sense Defence WAF self service plan or contact us to know more about our Enterprise plans.

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