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Web Application Firewall 
with Real Intelligence

Next generation self learning AI powered WAF

Take the fight to the bad guys with the world's most advanced AI WAF

We could call our IntelliSense AI the most powerful Digital Knight

the truth is, there’s nothing else quite like it.

NxtGen Intelligent

Web Application Firewall

Got a bot problem? Intelligent AntiBot 

Self Sensing AI based DDOS Protection

Less noise and actual intelligence

Our IntelliSense AI has a mind of its own. It combs through your data, adapts itself to your application, thereby reducing false positives and magnifies protection

Developed by Cyber Professionals

Introducing the world's most intelligent Web Application Firewall that is actually intelligent.  IntelliSense WAF provides complete protection for web applications and APIs

False Positives

Sense Defence  WAF algorithm is designed and trained to reduce the number of false positives while detecting the true positives with 99%  detection accuracy.


Sense Defence can be deployed rapidly and comes fully configured out of the box, providing exponential value from day one. 

Versatility in Application

Our hybrid and multi-cloud platform that provides next-gen WAF, API Security, Advanced Rate Limiting, Bot Protection, and DDoS purpose built to eliminate the challenges of legacy WAF.


Customer is our priority and it is important for us to provide less complex and powerful platform with fully engaged customer support 

IntelliSense AI

The most powerful being of its kind, it learns your web traffic inside and out, down to the minute details to actually understand what's normal, to block out what's not, which makes it incredibly effective at preventing even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks

Maximise Protection & Minimise Risk

At Sense Defence, our mission is to provide a smart, efficient, and automated web security solution that protects businesses from online threats and helps them save money. 

Sense Defence Next Generation Web Application Firewall
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We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Web Security

A robust Web Application​ Firewall that aids defending the business APIs or high-end web applications against bots and common web exploits that could damage availability, jeopardise security, or use excessive resources.

Get Started with Sense Defence

You can subscribe to Sense Defence WAF self service plan or contact us to know more about our Enterprise plans.

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