Web Security with Real Intelligence

Empowering Security with Artificial Intelligence: Sense Defence’s Next Generation Web Security Suite – Smart, Adaptive, Unbeatable.

AI-Powered Cloud WAF

Leveraging Advanced AI for Precise Threat Detection and Blocking with 99.9% Accuracy

Detection Coverage

Employs AI for real-time threat identification and blocking, ensuring comprehensive protection

Faster Deployments

Sense Defence can be deployed rapidly and comes fully configured out of the box, providing exponential value from day one.

Advanced DDoS Protection

Sense Defence AI is engineered to intelligently detect, analyze, and mitigate threats before they impact your network, ensuring uninterrupted service and robust security.

AI-Powered Detection

Utilizes machine learning algorithms to quickly identify even the most sophisticated DDoS threats

Adaptive Learning

Continuously evolves by learning from new attack patterns, ensuring future-ready defence mechanisms

AI Guardian Against Bot Attacks

We ensure real-time bot detection, intelligent traffic analysis, and user-controlled traffic management, keeping your applications safe from bot attacks

Bad Bot Blocking

Effectively blocks bad bots from accessing your site, protecting your applications from bot attacks

Good Bot Allowance

Identifies and allows good bots like search engines to access your site, ensuring smooth operation and visibility

Control Traffic with Rate Limiting

Experience the power of precision with Sense Defence’s Advanced Rate Limiting, your conductor for harmonious traffic flow

Precision Traffic Control

Provides granular control over the rate of requests, allowing you to manage your traffic effectively

Protection Against Traffic Spikes

Helps safeguard your applications from sudden traffic surges that could potentially cause service disruptions

Block the Unwanted with Cloud Firewall

We offer comprehensive filtering options, ensuring your applications are shielded from unwanted web traffic.

Flexible and Intuitive Framework

It’s designed to be easily adaptable to your specific needs, providing a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation

Proactive Inspection

The system actively inspects incoming traffic, ensuring potential threats are identified and dealt with promptly

We have joined forces with the prominent tech leaders in the industry.

Empowering Web Security with
Artificial Intelligence

Leverage our advanced technology for robust, real-time protection against web threats.

Next-Gen AI Cloud WAF

Sense Defence AI WAF boasts an impressive 99.9% detection accuracy rate

Advanced Rate Limiting

Sense Defence's Advanced Rate Limiting curbs abuse and brute force attempts

Intelligent Bot Protection

It uses advanced AI algorithms to discern between legitimate and malicious traffic

Managed SSL Certificate

Offers a complimentary managed SSL guaranteeing secure data transmission

AI DDOS Protection

AI DDoS Prevention by Sense Defence thwarts volumetric attacks efficiently

Advanced Firewall Module

Sense Defence's advanced firewall module granting enhanced control over web security

Protect Your Application While Lowering Your TCO

Significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than legacy WAF solutions using automated deployments and tuning. 

0 %
Attack Prevention Rate
0 x
Reduced Cost

Exceptional Detection Precision

Sense Defence WAF algorithm is designed and trained to reduce the number of false positives while detecting the true positives with 99.9% detection accuracy.

Modern Solution to Web Security

Sense Defence provides web application and API protection, Rate limiting, Bot protection and DDoS purpose-built to eliminate the challenges of legacy WAF

Surpassing Traditional WAF capabilities

In an era of complex application landscapes, rapid development, and widespread cloud adoption, traditional rules-based WAFs fall short. Our next-gen solution scales effectively to meet the demands of digital transformation.

False Positives

With its finely-tuned detection capabilities, Sense Defence significantly minimizes the occurrence of false positives, resulting in fewer disruptions and a smoother user experience


Sense Defence offers a highly adaptable and scalable solution that can easily accommodate the unique needs of diverse businesses, regardless of their size or industry.


Sense Defence employs state-of-the-art algorithms and machine learning techniques, ensuring superior protection against modern and evolving threats compared to Legacy WAF

Deployment Time

Sense Defence seamlessly integrates with both traditional and contemporary applications environments in few simple steps, in less than 5 minutes

See what our clients say about Sense Defence

Sense Defence makes it easy to protect the web layer assets that drive your business without dedicating headcount or additional resources.

"Sense Defence AI has proven to be an invaluable tool in our company's cyber defense. Its ability to detect and prevent attacks gives us additional peace of mind in an increasingly complex and threatening digital world"

John M

Cyber Security Engineer, Semiconductors

"The company data security has improved since we setup this platform. Data threat vulnerabilities have been reduced to zero with quick mitigation responses."

Dominic C

Product Owner, Financial Services

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