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Web Application Firewall 
with Real Intelligence

Next generation self learning AI powered WAF

Sense Defence AI based Next Gen Web Application​ Firewall that aids defending the business APIs or high-end web applications against bots and common web exploits that could damage availability, jeopardise security, or use excessive resources.

Dive Into the New Age of
AI enabled Next Generation WAF

Your application footprint is growing more complex and varied with faster development cycles and the shift to cloud–whether private or public. Legacy rules-based web application firewalls (WAFs) don’t scale for the digital transformation world, and a next-gen approach is needed.

Implementation Time

Install the service in minutes to gain total visibility into your network infrastructure and completely block harmful intrusions. When ready, organizations can enable our product across both legacy, and contemporary applications and APIs.

Lower Cost

SD WAF community edition is completely FREE. With this plan, you will enjoy the full functionality of our Signature WAF on one website, capable of handling 100k/Month requests. The professional plan starts from as low as 99$ per month, and you will enjoy the numerous cost-saving benefits of the Signature WAF and Artificial Intelligence powered WAF detections.

On-Demand dedicated deployment

With the feature-rich components of Next Gen Cloud WAF, there is no need for a reverse proxy setup, additional software to deploy, DNS settings, SSL/TLS certificate management, or other related tasks. You may reuse your rules across all the web apps that you need to secure by defining and managing them centrally using the application Firewall Manager interface.

A standalone SaaS tenant for subscribers is an optional feature of the SD WAF enterprise package. This service will be completely monitored and isolated by the Sense Defence team. Customers can choose the place or locations to run the WAF engine and maintain their vital data periodically.

Key Reasons Why Customers Choose Sense Defence Over Legacy WAF

Sense Defence

Hybrid Deployments for native deployment options

Enabling full blocking mode in production without learning period 

Lower TCO and no additional fees

Deploys in minutes across legacy and modern applications.

Web Attack Coverage Beyond the OWASP Top 10

Powerful AI engine to detect web attacks, Denial of service attacks and malicious bots

Legacy WAF

Get Started with Sense Defence

You can subscribe to Sense Defence WAF self service plan or contact us to know more about our Enterprise plans.

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