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AI Powered
Layer 7 DDoS Mitigation

Application layer DDoS Protection keeps your application running

without overloading  your infrastructure

Application Layer DDoS Protection

Sense Defence automated DDoS mitigation is effective against DoS/DDoS at all scales, from massive DDoS botnet assaults to single malformed-packet DoS attempts. It defends against the full spectrum of attack vectors, including protocol exploits, amplification and reflection attacks, volumetric flooding, malicious inputs, resource depletion & exhaustion, application layer vulnerabilities, and more

Protect yourself from DDoS attacks

Sense Defence Layer 7 DDoS protection offers a highly-scalable attack mitigation service that helps you tackle today’s sophisticated and high volume Layer 7 DDoS attacks. It works across your enterprise environment to alleviate the burden on your network and perimeter systems, and helps maintain continued availability to your customers. Other features and benefits include:


 Defends against even the largest recorded DDoS traffic volumes

24/7 Support

Our experts are available via phone, chat or email round the clock


Time to Mitigate is less than 5 seconds with our AI algorithm

AI Based Detection

Our AI algorithm detect L7 DDoS attack with high accuracy

Lower TCO

Low Total Cost of Ownership. No hardware to install.

Rich Analytics

Sense Defence rich analytics explains the attack and notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Started with Sense Defence

You can subscribe to Sense Defence WAF self service plan or contact us to know more about our Enterprise plans.

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