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Manage bots with
speed and accuracy

Exclude Hostile Bots From Your APIs and Web Applications

Multivariate Bot Detection

Sense Defence includes full bot mitigation in its comprehensive web security platform. Hostile traffic is blocked in the cloud, before it reaches the protected network.


Sense Defence Bot management is able to calculate a score on every request


The platform is extensible with more detection mechanisms and richer analytics and logs

Low latency

Sense Defence AI detections are performed extremely quickly less than 100 microseconds


No sensitive information from one customer is used to build models that protect another customer


It is possible to configure what detections are applied on what traffic, including on per domain level


Sense Defence Analytics explain and tune predictions in an intuitive way.

Manage bots with speed and accuracy by applying  Sense Defence AI

Sense Defence Bot Management module helps organisations to detect and block malicious bots while allowing the good bots (example: SEO). Our AI is capable enough to handle trillions of request per second to filter out the bad bots from the requests.

Detect 100% of Bots
Protect All Applications

Sense Defence AI-driven distributed cloud bot defence detect sophisticated attacks & protect your endpoints at the edge with no impact on performance.

False Positives

Sense Defence  bot detection algorithm is designed and trained to reduce the number of false positives while detecting the true positives with 99%  detection accuracy.


Sense Defence can be deployed rapidly and comes fully configured out of the box, providing exponential value from day one. 

Distributed Cloud defence

Sense Defence bot management engine deployed in a distributed architecture to stop the bots 


Accurate detection and resilient protections can dramatically improve business outcomes by slashing fraud losses, providing better customer experiences

Advanced Bot Management
Powered by Sense Defence AI

Bad bots can ruin your business or mar its integrity by commandeering accounts to commit fraud. They can also perpetuate competitive price scrapping. Think of them as hoodlums disguising in your environment to commit havoc when the opportunity arises. Sense Guard offers you advanced bot protection, searching and destroying bad bots for the security and integrity of your business.

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